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Sou + Cachinhos "I'm Curls" Childish Curly Hair Leave-in Finisher 240ml - Yenzah

by Yenzah

Yenzah Sou + Cachinhos Leave-In was designed especially for the delicacy of children's hair, which requires balanced products rich in moisturizing and emollient actives. With ingredients that replenish the lipid layer, Yenzah Sou + Cachinhos preserves the children's curls without goosebumps and knots.

Is free of parabens, sulfates and petrolatums, ideal for no poo and low poo techniques.

Cotton Oil: preserves hydration for longer while nourishing and softening hair

Lipoprotein: exclusive to Yenzah, which recovers the lipid layer that protects from dryness, split ends and frizz

How to use:
Apply the leave-in to the length and ends of the damp hair in the morning. Knead the locks to activate the shape of the curls. Let it dry naturally or use the dryer with the diffuser. Result. Curls defined, soft and shaped for a longer time until the next wash.

-01 Yenzah Sou + Cachinhos Leave-in Finisher for Kids 240ml